St Annes Ryde Anglican Church - Childrens and Youth Ministry Registration Form

Please fill out this form to register your child for our Children and Youth ministries at St Annes Ryde Anglican Church. Please include all the details below for each child. All information will be stored on our safe Elvanto Church Management system. 

The information recorded in the database will only be accessed by the Ministry Staff, Administration Staff, Safe Ministry Representatives, Wardens and others who have a valid need to see such details.

The Parish Directory will only include the name of the child and their connection to their parents/guardians. 

Child's Information

Medical Information

Tip: Does the child carry an epi-pen?

Parent/Guardian Information #1

This is the main contact for all notices and communication regarding our Children and Youth programs.

Parent/Guardian Information #2

This is the secondary contact and should be someone who is easily contactable in case of emergency. 


Do you give us permission to take and use photos of your child?

Are they allowed to be shown on the Church Livestream?

Are we allowed to send them mail (eg: birthday cards?)

In a medical emergency, I give my permission for a doctor chosen by St Annes Ryde Anglican Church to secure proper treatment for and/or order hospitalisation, injection, anaesthetic or surgery for my child as named. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me prior to instituting such procedures.

Is anyone legally restricted from seeing your child?

Acceptance of Conditions

St Annes Ryde Anglican Church respects your privacy. When you provide us with personal information by participating in church events/activities, visiting a website or otherwise, you agree to personal information about you and your children (under 18 years old) being handled as set out in the policy (available on our website). The personal information in this form will be made available to the Children and Youth Ministry leaders, and medical and emergency services if considered necessary.

  1. By accepting these conditions and submitting this form I permit my child to participate fully in activities associated with the Children and Youth Ministries at St Annes Ryde Anglican Church.
  2. I confirm that the information given in this form is correct, and will advise of any changes to this information to the St Annes office.

Tip: Full legal name of parent/guardian